To share an Edition Poshette



A: To Share or not to share-  that is the question.

B: Yes, whether it is nobler in the mind  or…actually we’ve always been pretty good at it.

A: Well, as twins we’ve had to. It was always OUR mother or OUR sister or OUR teacher none of that mine, mine, mine.

B:  But then remember when we got those two teddy bears and you got the cute one with the velcro on its paws that could ‘do’ something, and I got the not particularly cute one that could do nothing. I was quite upset.

A: Oh dear! Yes, I remember and I said no no yours is so cute and cuddly too.

B: And I asked shall we swap ?

A: And I said…. uhmmm no … sorry – I can’t believe you really still remember?

B: Don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you. Yours was in all fairness a very sweet and cuddly teddy bear. And anyway we were 7 years old, now we share practically everything!

A: I love sharing, and even better when you share an experience, actually doing something together, laughing  creating something, or having a great meal together.

B:  I agree, and I think it is ok to hold on to something good for a tiny bit longer before you share it, don’t you think so?

A: Of course it is , but now we really ought to share this somewhat great experience with you. We have held on to it for a bit too long :The first in a series, starting and staring the brilliant duo Thomas Landbo and Luc Gimez, directed by Kasper Winding and filmed by Finn Bjerre sprinkled with Betty Soldi’s caligraphy.

Feel free to share.