Books of Beauty & Looking Wise

DSC_0014 (23)thebookofbeauty.tifA: Was it Oscar Wilde who said he loved to look at intelligent women ?

B: I believe it was, cherish her or turn her into literature.

A: Ahh how delightful to be turned into literature, a book of beauty.DSC_0017B: But then books aren’t everything – although I have to admit to be the inspiration of a writer must be rather exhilarating.

A: To be a ‘page turner’?

B: Yes, and although books may fade, the power of great writing remains.IMG_2485 A : What a great aim in life,- to be the inspiration of a well written book.

B: Yes how a-musing that would be:)butterfly

A: So at the end of the Paris Fashion Week we agree with Oscar Wilde

B: Absolutely !

                     “You can never be over dressed or over educated “DSC_0015                     papillon-jaune-orange     photo 1papillon-jaune-orange                                                 photo 2papillon-jaune-orange                            papillon-jaune-orange                                                                                  photo 3    papillon-jaune-orange                                                                                    papillon-jaune-orange