About us

Edition Poshette is the collaboration between twins Helene Schjerbeck and Simone Bendix. Together they are behind every step of the production, working happily side by side.

Edition Poshette makes clever, hand printed and handmade leather accessories.  Every Edition Poshette has a specifically created graphic expression printed on it. From here they are transformed into high quality products that are as practical as they are poetic.

The idea of the design stems from the desire to find a solution to a need and then make it as beautiful and chic as possible.

“Sometimes an object or an image will inspire me and I will translate it into a practical context and sometimes a practical necessity will inspire me to create a beautiful solution to that need.” says Simone Bendix

“We don't believe in flooding the world with useless modish objects so we feel it is an obligation to create something that is well designed, well made and will last.’ It’s the combination of the exquisite prints onto leather, the unusual designs and the quality of the leathergoods that give every Edition Poshette its both practical and poetic expression.

"I always feel safe and reassured knowing I won’t be bored as long as I have a good book with me", says Helene Schjerbeck, "Having a book with me is like having a good friend around, which is why we have given the whole range of purses its literary reference". 

Books are beautiful and a person who reads is both interesting and interested. Reading opens a vast realm of exploration, imagination, movement, learning and dreaming  - the purses are less about money and more about the personality of the owner.

Every 'book' has a title like "le plongeur mysterieux', 'Entre le vent et les feuilles vollantes', ‘Mille feuilles font une chanson’, and 'Les bonnes feuilles de mon avenir'. Every "book ' is numbered 1-50 out of a limited edition. Simone Bendix has been the 'author' of the first collections, but keep an eye on coming 'authors' who will soon 'guest' write a book.

If your life were a novel would you read it ? So why not wear it as well ? Consider the choices we make when we choose to spend our money. Its a very precious moment, a moment to be treasured and every Edition Poshette  should inspire you to cherish this moment by sprinkling some poetry around you.