Spreading the word of Peace and Poetry with our limited Edition Poshette’s, featuring printed Peace Doves.
Fashion is like so many other things in life ‘what you make it’.
So enjoying the ‘making of it, we made our own outfits and made them match the doves.

hermesonourwaycloseupinfronthermes PEACE PAPERHATS and ‘CURATOR POSHETTES’ in hand.

poshetteelieesaabonourwayposhetteeliesaabback POSHETTE OHOY with our Passe Partout – PEACE PARTOUT poshetteohoyposhetteseineohoy   PEACEFULLY  FLOWERBOMBING with our new ‘Pret a Promener’flowerbombing2flowerbombing1 PRET a PAIX &  PAPILLONS  with our  ‘Pret a Promener’

bluechanelfrontbluechanelbackbluebutterflies PEACE PROMENADE with our “Pret a Promener’

dsc_0021poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-metro-2dsc_0056poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-metro-1 PEACEFUL PARIS with our ‘BONHEUR DE PAIX’ dsc_0003poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-tulerie-2dsc_0050poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-metro-1dsc_0009poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-tulerie-1 EASY PEACY,  wear it as a bracelet  A- NET -A -PORTER

dsc_0025poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-statue-1 dsc_0063poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-statue-4 PRET A PROMENER – over the shoulder 

dsc_0029poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-statue-2 PEACE OF MIND – with a Pret a Promener 

dsc_0055poshette-fashion-week-fall-2016-statue-3PHOTOS  by KASPER WINDING

To get your own PEACE OF MIND, we are proposing one of the three following Edition Poshettes peace products :

Petite Poshette Clefs en Main’ with key-necklace attached for a special price of 149 euros


Carnet de Bon contes  Bonheur de Paixat a special price 199 euro


PRET A PROMENER blue geometric  ‘Un Moment de Clarte at 

259  euro