Patch, Fringe & Wigs for Paris Fashion Week

DSC_0276A: PATCH as in Patchwork ?

B: Yes, Patching and Matching, and of course PATCH as in elbow patches. Such a great way to give your wardrobe a little ‘je ne sais quoi de mysterieux’

A: Or a bit of ‘Raisons de Rester’- very substainable in fact.

B: FRINGE as in cut-up-strips of leather ?

A: Yes,  I would even go as far as saying:  FRINGE is the new F- word.

B: Oh la la, so Fringing Fabulously Fashionable.

A: That leaves us with Wigs. Wigs as in fake hair ?
B: Yeah,-Wigs as in AFROS, twice the volume and double the FUN.DSC_0338 FullSizeRender816b-c0af-8dd8-9181 image2     image7papillon-jaune-orange FullSizeRender DSC_0196DSC_0186DSC_0250DSC_0217FullSizeRenderimage22

butterflbutterfl                    butterfl                             butterfl   butterfl        butterfl                   twin bikers   papillon-jaune-orangeimage3                 papillon-jaune-orangeimage5                      papillon-jaune-orange                           papillon-jaune-orange                             image7                    papillon-jaune-orange