Fashion at the Top of a Hat

DSC_0089 (14)A: Wondering what’s top fashionable ?
B: Always! Even when wonderful Li Edelkort declared fashion ‘dead’, I think it’s intersting to evaluate what it’s all about. Whether for ‘fashions funeral’ or simply approaching fashion in a new way altogether, I think it is important to at least aim for originality, reinventing the ‘dressing up’  part and of course being ‘Toujours Present’.

A:”Chaque sortie est une entrée”.
B: And bearing that in mind, a new beginning with more substance!
A: Of course, because elegant ideas, shapes and quality never go out of fashion.
B: So by putting a bit more thought into the story our clothes tell, and respecting the materials and quality of whatever we choose to wear, we can hopefully be part of a longer lasting fashion.
A: Especially if we add some humor, a vital ingredience for fashion to survive.
B: So, shall we tell our story about how we survived Paris Fashion week?
A: Ahhh, hopefully obvious when you ‘read’ what we have been wearing …DSC_0216 (11)DSC_0053 (19)DSC_0149 (4)DSC_0042 (31)DSC_0053 (18)DSC_0113 (9)papillon-jaune-orange DSC_0102 (6)papillon-jaune-orange

DSC_0077 (11)DSC_0081 (14)papillon-jaune-orangepapillon-jaune-orange

DSC_0036 (26)